• Do you struggle to reach or maintain your ideal weight?

    We are building a new kind of personal assistant:

    A mobile app designed to help you

    Achieve your goals !

  • Who is Gaia?

    Gaia is a personal goal assistant powered by data science.

    Knowledge is Power.

    We learn from each other.

    Achieving our personal goals like reaching and maintaining an ideal weight can be hard. Many try, only some succeed. Today, with the help of data science, we can learn from each other like never before. Gaia's mission is to help you reach your ideal weight by unlocking the power of data.

    The Power of Data.

    Boost your chances of success.

    Nowadays, we have access to smart devices and apps that can help us better measure and track our health & fitness levels. From head to toe, from smart watches to connected scales, there are now many ways to capture data highly relevant and key to helping us reach our goals. The richer the data, the more powerful it becomes.

    (re)Gain Control.

    Make your data work for you!

    To unlock the power of our data, we must start by gathering it in one place. That's not always easy because it is scattered all over the Internet. But that's about to change. Gaia is designed to help you pull your data together where it matters the most: under your own control. This way, You can benefit from it the most.

    Benefits. Not Compromises.

    Privacy does matter.

    With Gaia, your data belongs to you and it stays that way. We are building private data vaults to help our customers gather and store their data without compromising their privacy. Your vault is encrypted so it is accessible only by you, the owner. We do not & will not sell your data. Ever.

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